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Van Boven makes a lot of content: for newspapers, magazines, TV and online.


Cooking with Van Boven

Yvette van Boven shows how you can cook simple, affordable and sustainable food with ingredients from farmers, beekeepers, horticulturists or your local supermarket. Result: artisanal and organic delicacies. Click below for all episodes, Christmas specials, extra’s, cooking videos and recipes.

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Recipes for Libelle

Every week Yvette writes and produces all recipes for the weekly magazine Libelle. She makes sure all recipes are photographed, tested and complete to go straight in to the magazine. Working with great photographers, stylists and chefs she ensures that readers find new inspiration for their weekly dish. She always works with seasonal ingredients that are easily available throughout the country, producing surprising recipes that are just a little more exciting, but never difficult to prepare.

Libelle is the largest online women’s media brand in the Netherlands, with a readership of 3.4 million readers per month.

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De streken van Van Boven

With her car filled to the brim with kitchen utensils and crockery and her young dog Hughie as a travel companion at her side, Yvette van Boven goes on a culinary road trip through The Netherlands. The culinary author and chef travels to different regions of our country in the new AVROTROS program De Streken van Van Boven. Yvette meets enthusiastic producers, makers, growers and farmers who show her their passion for good, seasonal and sustainable food.
Everywhere she goes, from farmyards to harbors, she cooks all the delicious dishes with products from that particular region.

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Van Boven Eats an Island

Dutch TV presenter Cornald Maas travels to the island of Terschelling for the OPIUM ON OEROL festival, where he talks to different writers and musicians every day. Television presenter and historian Mischa Blok searches for hidden stories of the island and chef Yvette van Boven immerses herself in sustainable regional dishes.

Oerol Festival is unmistakably linked to the island of Terschelling. The interplay between nature, theater on location and visual art is unique. During the festival tv chef Yvette van Boven eats a a little piece of the island and explores everything edible and sustainable.

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Volkskrant Magazine

Every week, van Boven comes up with a seasonal recipe for Volkskrant Magazine (the weekend magazine of Volkskrant Newspaper) and gives suggestions for doing something with the leftovers. The recipe is accompanied by a column and a photo of the dish that she cooks herself and photographs with her husband, photographer Oof Verschuren.

The years of collaboration between Volkskrant Newspaper and Yvette has resulted in many books, such as Home Made in the Oven by van Boven or the new one Van Bovens Leftovers (For now only in Dutch). Yvette always illustrates everything herself too.

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delicious. column

For cooking magazine delicious., Van Boven provides a monthly cookery column, accompanied by one or more recipes. In this year’s series Yvette lays her hands on the classics. She undresses classic recipes and puts them back together again, but in a different way. This so you’ll learn a lot about taste and your view of particular ingredients will change a lot… therefore you will learn how to be a better cook.

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Van Boven knows best

In the online series Van Boven Knows Best (‘Van Boven (w)eet het’), Yvette gives us a glimpse of her own kitchen. She shares smart little tips and kitchen hacks that go with her weekly recipe series in the magazine. You’ll learn something new every week. (In Dutch)

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